Owners, stand out by listing your property on Localibre!

3 steps to advertize your property

  • 1I subscribe
  • 2I list my property
  • 3My property is online!

3 subscription packages to choose from

Duration of publication 3 months 6 months 12 months
Price incl. VAT €5 €8 €12
Trial or loyalty offer (1)
Trial or loyalty offer (1)
1 extra month offered,
i.e. 4 months for €5
2 extra months offered,
i.e. 8 months for €8
3 extra months offered,
i.e. 15 months for €12
Multi-listings offer
Multi-listings offer
Discount on the price of subscription from the 2nd listing!
2nd listing-15%
3rd listing-20%
4th and following listings...-25%
(1) The trial or loyalty offer is reserved for new customers, or customers with a subscription for 3 years or more

The strengths of Localibre

  • An original concept, to attract new customers
  • Clear and highly-competitive rates, starting at just €1 per month!
  • No commission on bookings, you receive all of your rent
  • No fees charged to holidaymakers
  • Payment for your subscription either by credit card 100% secure or check
  • A simple input form, intuitive and detailed enough to allow you to describe your property as faithfully as possible
  • The ability to place a link to your personal website if you have one
  • A gallery of 21 photos
  • The geographic location of your property on a map
  • A schedule of rates and availability
  • You decide how you want to be contacted by vacationers: phone, email, or both
  • The ability to edit your listing at any time
  • A site in English and French, in order to reach more customers
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