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This year go on holiday when you want!

Localibre specializes in vacation rentals with an arrival off Saturday. Holiday rental from Sunday to Sunday, from Wednesday to Wednesday or Friday to Friday, but also short stays, you will find your happiness among all our holiday offers, cottages, mobile homes, houses and apartments for rent throughout France and worldwide.

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How does it work?

Localibre is a holiday rentals website where owners undertake to allow an arrival on a day other than Saturday for weekly stays.

The possible arrival day(s) is(are) defined by the owner and displayed in the listing in the "Prices and availability" tab. The owners may also accept a Saturday arrival if they wish, provided of course that at least another day of the week is possible.

Discover all the advantages of a staggered start!

Whether to avoid traffic jams, to pay its train tickets cheaper, or just because you work on Saturdays, there are many reasons for not leaving on a Saturday.

Discover the top 10 reasons here.

Owners, list your property for free!

You own a home and want to enjoy additional income by renting it to vacationers?
You rent your property from Saturday to Saturday and want to attract new customers?
You already rent from Sunday to Sunday and would like to make an asset from this specificity?

In all cases, quickly place your ad on Localibre.com! It is free and we do not charge any commission on the bookings.

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Top 10 Reasons to avoid an arrival on Saturday!

You are used to the Saturday to Saturday format and you would not imagine going on holiday another day?

Here are 10 reasons to change your mind:

  • 1You avoid traffic jams on the way there and back. This means less stress and less tiredness on the road. And if you choose to go on a Sunday, you will not come across trucks on your way.
  • 2You can enjoy the skiing slopes on Saturday when everyone is on the road!
  • 3Go on holiday from Sunday to Sunday, you will be able to pack your bags quietly on Saturday, and with an additional day to rest you will also make the journey more fresh and ready!
  • 4You prefer leaving midweek? You are right, plane or train tickets are usually cheaper than on Saturday.
  • 5You work on Saturdays? In this case, the question does not even arise ... No doubt, this website is for you!
  • 6You come from far away and make the trip in 2 days? A staggered start is also needed.
  • 7When you arrive on holiday after several hours of driving, you rarely want to take the wheel again to go shopping at the supermarket ... No problem, food stores will be open the next day, which is rarely the case when you arrive a Saturday.
  • 8You take 3 weeks off in the summer? In this case, for example, take a holiday from Wednesday to Wednesday: so you will have a few days before heading to relax and quietly pack your bags, and a few days later to store everything before resuming work smoothly.
  • 9Many activities and festivities are held on Saturdays. You can fully enjoy them since you won’t be on the road that day!
  • 10Before, it was complicated to find a holiday rental not based on the classic Saturday to Saturday period. But that was before ... Now with Localibre, nothing is easier! So choose the zen attitude by opting for a staggered start !!

The benefits for owners

You own a vacation rental and you don't dare take the plunge?

Here are some reasons to try the Localibre adventure:

  • 1You attract new customers: tourists coming from far away, who prefer driving on Sunday, families or retired people who want to avoid the stress of congested roads (especially during the periods of heavy two-way traffic in the summer), shopkeepers who work on Saturdays and who don’t want to lose two business days for one week off...
  • 2It is safe: most of holidaymakers agree to delay their departure by a day (or leave earlier), especially if it allows them to avoid traffic jams. The risk of not renting because of a staggered arrival is extremely low
  • 3You work and do not have time to receive guests during the week? Choose the Sunday! So you can welcome your guests as easily as on Saturday
  • 4It is flexible: if some guests absolutely want to arrive on a Saturday, you are of course free to accept it, or not!
  • 5A true business advantage through Localibre! On our website you will find a large clientele attracted by this new opportunity. Make an asset from a specificity by listing your property on Localibre!